In addition to our core functions, such as scoring customer's propensity to repurchase based on behavior, at Relativity6, we work with our clients to determine what data inputs should be analyzed and what analytic outputs would be most useful. Our proprietary algorithms do the rest. We deliver actionable insights based on deep scientific approaches and analysis.

- Insurance

We are aware that customer retention, cross-selling, and win-back is as important as it has ever been in the insurance industry. We strive to provide our clients in the insurance industry with the kind of granular customer insights that helps maximize customer loyalty and drive incremental sales.

- Sales

Point-of-sale systems are tailor made for the big data age. By analyzing what and when your customers have actually purchased, you can glean much more actionable intelligence than demographic data and blanket marketing campaigns can ever possibly hope to provide.

- Luxury

The universe of the luxury consumer is small and many purveyors are competing for the same customers. At Relativity6, we look to blend insights from all luxury goods markets to gain insights into specific markets and specific customers. Our goal is to reduce the time of customer acquisition and stay ahead of brand switching decisions.

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