Leadership Team

Alan Ringvald CEO Relativity6

Alan Ringvald, CEO

MIT, 3x founder, Google, Behavioral Economist, MIT Guest Lecturer, Emmy Winner.

Abraham Rodriguez CTO Relativity6

Abraham Rodriguez, CTO

MIT, 3x founder, Cemex, Systems Engineer

Aaron Howell, CCO, Relativity6

Aaron Howell, COO

10+ years experience in Insurance Digital Transformation, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Guidewire, Information Systems Expert.

Duncan Simester Advisor Relativity6

Duncan Simester, Advisor

Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management where he holds the NTU Chair in Marketing and is also head of the marketing group.

Nick Meyer Advisor Relativity6

Nick Meyer, Advisor

Entrepreneur in Residence, Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. Successfully exited 4 companies.

Zack Armen

Zack Armen, Advisor

MIT, Johns Hopkins, Goldman Sachs & Co.

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