Relativity6's technology fuses your company data with open source intelligence to predict company and life events, recommended products, purchase propensity, and more.

Relativity6's engine parses through and analyzes millions of open source articles, blog posts, and web pages to discover and store data from funding, acquisition, weather, economic and political events.

Behavioral Listening

Proprietary Algorithms based on User Actions and Purchasing Behaviors

  1. Past purchase behaviors can predict the future.
  2. Reactivated customers are cheaper to acquire than new customers...and more profitable.
  3. The combined power of AI and Machine Learning in one platform.
Relativity6 Proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Dashboard

User Behavior Questions, Answered

Relativity6 MIT Who Icon

Who will Repurchase

Find out who will repurchase with a 95% model accuracy rate.

Relativity6 MIT What Icon

What Product They'll Repurchase

Our product recommendation engine predicts with over 75% accuracy

Relativity6 MIT Where Icon

Where They'll Repurchase

We will define which channel is most optimal per customer.

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When They'll Repurchase

80% match rate between predicted and actual lapsed customer future purchases.